Vermont is Home to the Adventurous!

Four amazing seasons packed with endless outdoor adventure opportunities await those considering relocating to the beautiful State of Vermont!

Vermont is consistently ranked the healthiest and safest state in the nation, and for good reason. By far, most people that choose to live here, do so for all the amazing things there are to do in our beautiful outdoors! There’s no shortage of activities to keep your heart pumping in your free time, or even in your work time to keep you active, healthy and happy.

What’s there to do in Vermont?

Vermont has activities for all levels from mild walks on local hiking trails, to strenuous activities in the mountains or lakes from swimming holes to sailing, kayaking, mountain biking, road cycling, hiking the summits of our 4,000 foot mountains, skiing, snowshoeing, ice fishing, snowmobiling, ice climbing, or simply “leaf-peeping” or bird-watching closer to home during our world-renowned Fall Foliage season.

Vermont is one of very few states that offers world-class adventure with a huge variety of terrain and elevation, with conditions that change dramatically from season to season. Our constantly changing weather affords the best opportunities to enjoy the widest range of sports and activities available anywhere in the US!

Live the Way You Want

Our region has some very good real estate values, making it a favorite for people moving from high-cost real estate areas like NY, NJ, CT and MA. Start by searching for housing that suits the life you want to build here, then narrow it down to the right one.

In the Rutland/Killington Region, you can choose to live the way you want! Prefer living among the trees where neighbors are just a short walk or drive away, on a farm raising your own food, or would you rather be in the city? We have all that, and then some.

There are many areas where country living is at its best, starting at the home of World-Cup Skiing on Killington Mountain, or the surrounding Green Mountains. Live on a lake, pond, river or out in the woods for some nice privacy from everything except the abundant wildlife. Friendly animals will routinely pass through your property, mostly just looking around for snacks at the bird feeders. The waterfowl and wildlife you’ll encounter on our serene lakes, ponds and rivers will keep you coming back for more, as you as you watch in fascination at the industrious habits of beavers, loons, moose and bald eagles. They all spend most of their time either raising and teaching their young, as well as searching for all the best food available throughout the day, and we Vermonters get to witness it all!

Downtown Rutland is a quintessential Vermont town with a bustling downtown for shopping, several schools and many restaurants where you’re sure to find food that’ll suit your fancy. Rutland offers easy access to public transportation including city busses, AMTRAK, Greyhound, and VT Translines to get you connected to NYC, Albany Airport, Burlington, VT or even our Canadian neighbor to the north – Montreal!

Schools, Jobs, Healthcare and NO TRAFFIC!

Find someone who has relocated to Vermont from any urban area or densely-populated region and one thing is for certain: They LOVE that there is no traffic in Vermont! In Rutland, at about 4:30 p.m. you may experience our ‘rush-minute’ where you may take an extra minute or two to get home from work. Other than that, you’ll get to where you’re going easily and without wasting hours of your life stuck in frustrating traffic jams! To learn all you need to know about living in the Rutland/Killington Region, click here.